BLOG POST: The Cosbys Had Some Good Ass Food

Just like everyone else, I enjoyed watching The Cosby Show. They were a high income Black family, with a father in the household. But what I like most was the food!!! These niggas was always eating! I can't name an episode where Bill Cosby didn't have a big ass hoagie sandwich. As a poor black kid (with limited access to food), that's the one thing that caught my eye. 

Fuck all the lessons about financial responsibility and peer pressure...where can a nigga get a sandwich like that?! I'm sitting here eating a "Choke Sandwich." And these TV niggas got all kinds of juice, pickles, and mustard dripping off the bread. 

I never went to another black family's house...and saw them eating like the Cosbys. We were jealous, as an African American community! I wanted to be a child on the show. I didn't need to say any lines or have any dialogue. Just let me go in the fridge right quick! I would be the only cast member you would see...during dinner scenes and shit! 

Somebody watching TV is gonna say, "Who is that black kid that's always eating Bill's sandwiches? But never talks to anyone in the family?" "Oh, that's Dandrell. He's only working that job for the food! He made it!"

I hate writing, so I'ma just say- -them Cosby Show niggas knew how to eat! 

~ Dandrell Scott 

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