BLOG POST: Get A Fast Food Girlfriend

Every man needs a fast-food girlfriend. You don't have to take her out or have sex with her. Just flirt from time to get some free fries or ketchup packets. And if your girl complains, just say...Your ass wasn't saying nothing when you ate that extra onion ring!   

When you don't have food at home or you're low on funds, hit up your fast food girlfriend.  Ask her- - "What time do you get off and is your boss around?" Now, looks and beauty DOES NOT matter in this situation.  Just flirt with any woman there.  And then start dropping hints... "Man, I wish I could take you out, but I'm low on money.  I spent my last dime on this Big Mac."  She's gonna feel sorry for you and give you extra food.

Sometimes I put on my best clothes and head to Burger King.  People ask... "Are you going to the club?" "Naw, nigga I'm getting something to eat!"  In some cases, you might have to get the fast food girl's number.  But clear this with your real girlfriend first (if you have one).  At that point, keep the convos at a minimum.  If you're gonna send text messages...make sure it's only about food.  Or a holiday message, like... "Merry Christmas girl!  Y'all open tonight?!"  

Keep pimpin' y'all!!!

~ D-Scott Got Jokes

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  1. ROFLMBO... Game peep game... It works & not just at a fast food restaurant but free snacks at movie theaters too.