BLOG POST: Financial Struggles of an Artist (The Creator of the Walking Dead Explains)

As an entertainer or artist, we have difficult choices to make!  There's the beauty of being creative and chasing a dream.  But there's also the harsh reality of MONEY, or lack thereof.  Many of us quit our day order to pursue our passions full time.  Thereby, leaving us in the "poor house" or unfavorable lifestyles.  Just think about it!  That "9 to 5" gives you financial stability, but it also hinders the growth of your craft.  So you quit (which is a great move).  But what happens when your PASSION...doesn't produce the money you need for survival?  What happens when it takes YEARS for you to receive any monetary value or recognition for your efforts?  Recently, I watched a video that gave me insight on this matter.  It's an interview with The Walking Dead's creator, Robert Kirkman.  At this point in his career, Kirkman is rich, with an estimated net worth of $20 million!  Yet and still, the comic book creator recounts those initial rough years...

This interview details the "artist struggle!"  Being dead broke, engrossed in debt, and second-guessing your life goals.  It all goes to show you... no one is above the painstaking commitment of artistry!  If you want to follow your ambitions, you MUST sacrifice something!  Maintain your faith...and keep the belief that everything will work out (even if it looks bleak). Keep creating, keep writing, keep believing!  BECAUSE YOUR $20 MILLION IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!!!

- D Scott Got Jokes

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